Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil - Chapter 1845 Immortal Writs Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 1845 Immortal Writs

'Hm? Do the clones of the Immortals not generate Origin Force Points? What a waste,' Eren thought to himself and sighed.

If provoking the Immortals would have garnered him Origin Force points, Eren would have considered messing with a lot of Immortals and using his Abominated Divinity to farm for the Origin Force Points from them.

'Then again, it is only natural,' Eren figured out the reason behind the phenomenon on his own.

'It seems that these Immortals can only depend on others to galvanize the Origin Force. Is it applicable to all the Immortals or just faith-based Immortals? Is that the Immortal version of the term 'coaches don't get to play the game.'

Wait, first of all, is there a way for anyone to become an Immortal without following the faith-based system?' the questions in Eren's head started increasing their numbers like rabbits in heat. However, he didn't ask them right away and listened to the goddess' explanation patiently.

"The ruined planes of existence left by these True Immortals are the opportunities for Immortals like us," the goddess said and got up from her position.

She walked in a certain direction before gesturing to Eren to follow behind her. She continued speaking as she led Eren somewhere deeper in the grand temple.

"However, we can't enter the ruined Immortal Planes with our real forms.

After all, the Immortals carry their own form of Immortal laws on their bodies which they wrote themselves while they were inside their Immortal Planes. These self-written Immortal Writs ensure their Immortality and invincibility inside their own domains. However, these Immortal Writs become void when they enter someone else's domain. Only those who don't have Immortal Writs on them can enter someone else's Immortal planes.

That's why you and your allies were able to enter the Plane of Gluttony and use it as a transit point to enter Labh Salem. The Mark of the Gluttony could be considered as an access token for you to use the plane. However, the ability to travel through the Immortal Planes unchecked is the true privilege of the mortals."

The goddess explained. It seemed that she had a bit of a talk with Beelzebub when she confirmed that the Demon Prince of Gluttony fully supported the Elder Ichor faction.

The goddess didn't wait for Eren to ask her more questions and continued on her own.

"Due to these restrictions, we send our clones to search for the opportunities inside the planes of existence left behind by the fallen True Immortals of the past.

How do you think so many Immortals were born right after some of the Elder Gods, including God Aleph, fell from grace?

The Elemental Gods that you currently know are the result of God Aleph's fall.

It is said that some of these Immortals managed to enter God Aleph's ruined Immortal plane and obtained opportunities for themselves, which helped them become the Elemental Gods.

Same thing would have happened to the demonic planes as well if God Aleph hadn't appointed seven Demon Princes before his Fall," the goddess explained.

"I see," Eren mumbled as he followed the goddess closely. He had to say that this meeting with the goddess was an eye-opener for him. The trip was worth it even if he didn't get the coordinates to the Elder Seed Artifact.

On the other hand, he also understood why the goddess couldn't fetch the Elder Seed artifact herself.

It seemed that the location of the Elder Seed Artifact she had found was too controversial. Without her true form, perhaps she didn't stand a chance to obtain the Elder Seed Artifact.

However, if she did show up at the place, she risked being besieged by her enemies.

An Immortal Lord who was out of their turf was just like a mammoth that attracts ambitious hunters to itself. As such, the goddess decided to give this opportunity to Eren and ask for something else in return.

'I just hope it's not too complicated. I already have Shallot's Mirror and Reen as the Elder Seed Artifacts. I particularly don't need a third one. So if she asks too much in return, I can just flatly say no,' Eren thought to himself.

The goddess didn't know or care about what Eren was thinking. She gestured to a few of the Templars waiting outside certain giant doors to make way. The Templars offered a bow to the goddess, opened the giant doors for her and Eren to pass through before closing them once again.

"Anyway, I didn't want to explore God Aleph's ruined plane of existence when I created my natal clone," the goddess said.

"When I said I wanted to follow him in his footsteps, I meant I was particularly interested in the way he could wield two forms of divinities all by himself– the divine and demonic. Some say that his powers as an Elder God soared even further than before when he achieved the impossible. I thought I could do the same– wield two forms of divinities before merging them to become an Elder Goddess.

That's why I created the natal clone and made her walk a Path different from my previous self.

My divinity was formed on the basis of the concepts of Nature. But I told my clone to corrupt that concept using the demonic influence and create a Path of her own," the goddess said and sighed in disappointment as if she truly regretted what she had done in the past.

"And that's how the Witch Goddess was born? So basically, the witch goddess is just a demonic version of you that harnesses the concept of Nature in a different fashion from you?"

Eren asked as he looked at the goddess' leading figure.

Eren remembered how the witch goddess was worshiped by the Darkmoon Fellowship members. Her divinity also seemed to be related to nature, albeit in a different way. After all, the goddess' divinity had temporarily manifested inside a banyan tree to preside over the marriage ceremony between Shaai and Jolly. At that time, he could feel that he had come across the witch goddess' presence before. Only now did he understand that the familiar feeling was not not related to the Witch Goddess but the goddess Great Mother herself.

Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil - Chapter 1845 Immortal Writs Free Read Online (2024)
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